12/12 to 12/21… BIGGEST ASCENSION PORTAL of 2022 is here!

BIGGEST ASCENSION PORTAL OF THE YEAR IS OPEN! Most potent inner shifts happening between December 12 – December 21 but of course these energetic changes continue to work through your body, your life, and the world for many weeks into 2023!! Anything old we’ve been clinging to during 2022 will become much easier to let go of, allowing anything unaligned to fall away so you can step out of your old COMFORT ZONE and into the NEW YOU!! Flow, and take guided action towards those wildest dreams you’ve been thinking about your whole life, 🔥🔥 NOW IS YOUR TIME! 🔥🔥

Love, Roxy

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  1. Shadow finger, shadow finger where are you??? Here I am, here I am, how do you do?? Lol! My shadow side has been saying hello daily! Trying to give myself grace compassion. <3