2019, 2020, 2021, 2022: YEAR comparison

In 2019 and in prior years, the vast majority of the world was just going about their day to day business, blind to the real hidden darker truths about the world and their own individual patterns that contributed to the deception. Some starseeds, lightworkers, empaths, indigos knew that someone wasn’t right, but couldn’t really put their finger on WHAT that was… most were still deep in the MATRIX.

2020 propelled us into the shock that was the beginning of the collective DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL! The ego mind programming that had been keeping us controlled in a “prison planet” began to come to the surface. These limiting beliefs and ego mind software programs, kept us in a permanent state of separation consciousness. The shocks that came in 2020 were needed to jump start us out of our “automated stupor” in order for us to begin the inner healing process.

2021 brought us deeper into the collective SHADOW that had been hidden for thousands of years. We began to see all of these darker traumas and consciousnesses that have been stuck in these lost timelines, perpetuating the collective sh*t-show that we have seen on the world stage all of 2021. Feeling lost + confused was an understatement for anyone not able to be in the “observer” state (zero point). As we activate more and more strands of dormant DNA, these “distorted inorganic timelines” come into view. The more we activate, the more dots we connect about ourselves, the world, and the multiverse!

2022 will finally bring us deep into ourselves! We will begin to find a balance point amongst the constant chaos of duality playing out everywhere. The tiny seeds we began to plant in 2021 will continue to grow more and more each day. Finding soul family members, creating our passions, and finding our true authentic selves will be a major focus for 2022! It’s about to get EXCITING! ✨💥😁

Thank you for choosing to join our platform, I wish infinite abundance for each of you during 2022!

💖 Roxane

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  1. Wow! This picture describes my process to perfection. My dark night of the soul in 2020 was indescribable and many times I thought I was going to lose it. Thank God I made it. Thank you Universe for connecting me to Roxane fir greater understanding of what’s going on and why my life was turned upside down and inside out. Feeling some hope again.

    1. @Julie I really appreciate all your support and I’m so honored to be on this journey together with you! Can’t wait to come visit you in Chile someday I really want to get traveling soon, hopefully things will shift enough in 2022 😍

    2. Mine was in spring 2020 also and I actually did loose it :-/ BUT I am seeing patterns repeat this year and I came through unharmed! WooHoo! Thank God for remembering my Christ Consciousness, to pause, to eat a LOT to stay grounded, and to stay focused on Love! Thank you, Roxane for the support & keep up the good work! Your videos are enlightening & so very helpful bc there is a LOT of dark, scary, and misleading information out there. Hi Julie 🙂