A course created for ANY LEVEL (BEGINNERS to ADVANCED)… step-by-step details of STARGATE ASCENSION + personal ALCHEMY (transformation)!

Hundreds of different topics with PRACTICAL WAYS that you can implement to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Are you tired of feeling horrible?  Can’t shift your ASCENSION SYMPTOMS?  Really want to understand what is going on in YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY + the WORLD right now!?!

OVER 60+ VIDEOS with BRAND NEW CONTENT, topics never seen before!  Roxane has a gift of explaining vast + complicated amounts of technical information into bite-size pieces that you can understand fully ---->  

TRANSFORM YOURSELF + Your LIFE!   You deserve this gift from the Universe..., SIGN UP NOW!


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Creator of EARTH1111 ----> Roxane is a 12th dimensional GATEKEEPER, cosmic Angel, and Ascension Guide. I have devoted my life to supporting YOU and Earth during this time of transformation. Please share my work with others so we can find our SOUL FAMILY MEMBERS. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS in one click using the "email invites" button. Thank you! Love, Roxane

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  1. The course is great. It gives many practical tools to use in your spiritual/ Ascension path and pretty much covers i’d say lot of what people need to know and can also help one gauge where they are on the journey. You can take what tools you want and discard others or have sense of adventure and try new things, but the information is there. Plus Roxanne as glorious energy which those with more sensitivity to such will pick up on and absorb. This is course i think people could come back too and gain something for life on there journey. 🙏❤️

  2. Can’t wait to rewatch some and dig in to all the new stuff!! You’re amazing Roxy!! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your loving guidance! 💖