QUANTUM JUMP onto your Highest Timeline Now!  This course will help you to understand HOW to finally move into your highest potential life, become your highest version to move into your SOUL PURPOSE and mission in these rapidly changing times on the planet and in your life!  Nothing is going to remain the same... Navigate many topics including:
  • What does HIGH VIBE even mean?
  • What is Light vs. Shadow?
  • Super Consciousness, Magnetism, and Di-electricity
  • False vs. Organic Timelines
  • Crystalline Lightbody & MERKABA Plasma Vehicle
  • Healing
  • Tips to navigate our Toxic World
  • Things to look out for in your own HOME
  • Tips to lead a high frequency LIFESTYLE

About Instructor

Roxane Giddings

Creator of EARTH1111 ----> Roxane is a 12th dimensional GATEKEEPER, cosmic Angel, and Ascension Guide. I have devoted my life to supporting YOU and Earth during this time of transformation. Please share my work with others so we can find our SOUL FAMILY MEMBERS. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS in one click using the "email invites" button. Thank you! Love, Roxane

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  • 44 Lessons