Dreams, Psychic Attack, Gatekeeping + PSYCHOPOMPING:

I posted this earlier in the DREAMS + SLEEP group if anybody is interested in joining! Thank you to @fallywalker for creating it! And let us know what kind of dreams you have been having lately!!! I also wanted to touch on “psychic attack” and what is a PSYCHOPOMP… super interesting stuff! LOL Is anybody else experiencing this type of thing? Feel free to comment or join the dreams group to express yourself and share with others!

Hi everybody! I’ve been having so many dreams lately with many flashes of faces or people during and as I begin to fall asleep… Anybody relate? This has been a part of my “gatekeeping” duties for many years, I know this to be people or lost soul parts that have been stuck “between worlds” and need a “Psychopomp” which is a person that is aligned/activated through all dimensions to be able to get them back to SOURCE/GOD/CREATOR…

For many years of my life I was in “hell” with so many beings always “attacking” me (so I thought at the time lol)… but years later a shaman told me I was a “human psychopomp” (angels usually do this work) but I guess me being a cosmic angel (again I didn’t know this back then LOL) it was one of my spiritual gatekeeping duties to cross these entities or soul parts back out of their stuck place in a lower traumatic timeline/dimension.

Before when I was living in fear 24-7 and closing my heart which blocked my channel of energy through my spine/HARA LINE, essentially “closing the circuit”, these entities got stuck INSIDE me, taking days or weeks to cross them over through the gates… not fun at the time as I felt like I was constantly “being attacked”. It was many years of living in hell because I had no idea what was going on and nobody seemed to be able to help me… I went to many healers that didn’t know, so I want to let others know! Remember that we are here to HEAL mulitiple dimensions of soul fractals, very sacred important work! And so many of these “scary monsters” are in fact our OWN soul parts as well that have been fractaled out of alignment because of past life trauma, deaths we incurred, extreme abuse, etc.

REMEMBER, this is the LIFETIME we heal every single aspects into the SINGULARITY, which is your crystalline heart vortex! And in many of our lifetimes we existed in collective fields of energies meaning we are healing entire worlds dimensions, and timelines!!

NOWADAYS this work is easier and (almost) fun! LOL and literally happens very quickly to move these beings back through all dimensional plasma fields back into the great void of INFINITE/SOURCE/GOD/CREATOR. Non-stop work though, especially right now during huge collective and worldwide purging cycles!

For all of you that might be doing this work without knowing it, remember that we are always safe and these lost beings are simply seeing your light and trying to find their way back home to source. This can happen in dreams or in “normal waking states”… I hope this helps anybody needing to hear this! 💕 Roxane

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  1. So i had a past client come one night wanting me to call his daughter and tell her he was ok and made it to heaven, I haven’t done it yet….. is this truly real?

  2. Wow, I see random faces too! One time I even had a dream about some lady Maria being in danger but I didn’t know anyone by that name! The faces don’t scare me though, is there anything we can do to actively help these guys or are we helping them on an unconscious level?

  3. This is a really intriguing topic for me. For years I’ve had a similar experience, however, typically I never felt attacked or in a place of fear. Usually, in between this state of conscious to asleep, I would have these visions (or what in most cases interpreted as dreams) of people I didn’t know, or have any memory seeing, having conversations or just doing conventional things. Nothing ever crazy- just the fact I felt like I was almost having a remote-viewing experience when in that realm of consciousness.
    Anyways, reading this does feel like a good push towards answering what I’m experiencing.
    Thank you.

    1. @Patrick oh perfect so glad it resonated.. yes so many of us have a BIG job of cleaning up all the stuck energies and soul parts that are everywhere! LOL I can totally relate to the way you described it too, mostly as I’m in an “in-between” state it definitely increases for sure 🥰✨