Energy Update: HUGE TIMELINE COLLAPSE + JUMPS happening now!

energy update

ENERGY UPDATE:  HUGE TIMELINE COLLAPSES + JUMPS are happening now… Multiple MONSTER SUN SPOTS have been actively spewing material non-stop for the past few weeks (and of course months) ✨💎🔥 Northern Lights watchers said they were some of the best displays in YEARS!

Interestingly, while this first SCHUMANN BLACK OUT was happening last Tuesday/Wednesday, I had a dream that I was walking by a HUGE PYTHON SNAKE… I’m talking 1 BLOCK LONG and about 5 FEET WIDE!  This was a HUGE SIGN for me that something monsterous was coming to the surface, coming into awareness and needing to be HEALED, FINALLY!  I wasn’t in fear or anything, but this was just sooo huge that I knew it represented a huge festering energy that needed to be TRANSFORMED and INTEGRATED in order to move onto the next “level”… 

I felt that this was something huge for the collective as I mostly work on collective plasma dimensional fields now.  So, when I saw that the Schumann was blacked out during this time, I knew it was going to be a HUGE SHIFT into a brand new energy that we are finally able to UPLEVEL to!! 

Later that night after the dream, I was at a HUGE LOW… Totally depressed and heavy, emotional… LIFE SUCKED LOL but that lasted for about 1 day, which of course is the cleansing crisis of integrating this HUGE STAGNANT ENERGY BLOCKAGE being processed by my energy bodies. and then I was feeling a lot better, for a few days! 

Although many will feel intense ASCENSION SYMPTOMS while energies are high, I tend to feel great during these times because I can expand so much more to the dimensions that I resonate with… BUT, it’s when they lower again that I feel all that heaviness that has been dismantled from the blasts of high frequency light that I now have to feel and “deal with”, and these ones the last week were definitely HEAVY!  😜

Feeling ok today, but we will see what happens when the energy decreases a bit tomorrow LOL….

VENUS has been retrograding right close to the sun for quite some time… huge activation and acceleration of our INTERNAL VENUS energies (HEART CHAKRA).  This may be felt as: CREATIVITY, LOVE, TRAUMA HEALING, PRIORITIES CHANGING, FOLLOWING OUR PASSIONS, and lots more!

HOW IS EVERYBODY ELSE FEELING?? Please comment below! 💎🥰 Roxane

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  1. I feel like I’m in a high shift too. With some situations that are going on in my 3D reality the old me would have been worried and paralysed by fear, but I feel positive and excited. I just feel like good and peace is coming soon.

    1. I know I refuse to let the first few weeks of 2022 dictate how the rest of the year will feel. Week 1 difficult learning experience; Week 2 sudden death of family member; Week 3 – renewing energies and raising creativity, awareness and conciousness!