fear of your own power

“THEY” fear that we find out the TRUTH about ourselves… that “GOD” isn’t some guy sitting on a throne up there in “heaven”… it is the DIVINE CREATOR FORCE that is INSIDE every quantum particle of YOU! The parasites that have controlled this planet for eons are doing everything they can to make sure that YOU don’t find out just how POWERFUL YOU ARE!

That YOU can literally create new worlds and realities using your heart/mind/soul complex out of the great void of “nothingness”. In this great void, everything exists in potential.. but it is OUR OWN DIVINE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS and DNA that has the ability to manifest these potentials into REALITY!

People fear their own greatness, their own power, and their own potentials more than anything! And this is because we have been programmed with infinite ways since childhood, since even before this life!… programmed to stay small, to stay “in the box” of what is acceptable by society. But you know the truth, you FEEL IT DEEP WITHIN YOUR BODY, that these standards acceptable by society have never been your destiny. These ways of the world have never been right. WE KNOW. And the rest of the world is slowly waking up to just how programmed we have been on every level!

When we HEAL ourselves, we are able to step into our POWER!

DECEMBER’s THEME for the PREMIUM group is all about HEALING, the SHADOW, + the DIVINE INNER CHILD. If anyone would like to learn more about how to heal themselves, please join our amazing group of people!
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