Most people exist SO FAR OUT OF THEIR BODY that they don’t feel anything. The ascension process is an awakening to every microscopic part of yourself, merging with your thousands of multidimensional aspects of self and merging those high frequencies into the physical body to SPIRITUALIZE PHYSICAL MATTER like a DIAMOND IS CREATED THROUGH PRESSURE! This is the crystallization process!

You will need to feel and clear away every single reversed part of yourself that exists in SEPARATION, these are TRAUMAS that can’t be understated. Most people talking about ascension haven’t even begun the process of moving back into the body, so that’s why so many talk about the “LOVE & LIGHT” scenario without ever mentioning the darker parts of the process. I’ve been on this journey for decades so I have been through the ringer to help others LOL.

If you need more help take my life changing course ASCENSION MAGIC for hundreds of videos and diagrams to help you really understand the entire process! Lots of love, Roxane

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  1. Exactly! it is paradoxical, ascension is a descent into the abyss. Over and over, deeper and deeper into this eternal moment. All is available right here & now, deep roots. Thanks for this, love it.