KUNDALINI, MERKABA + Advanced Ascension process in 1 minute!

ADVANCED ASCENSION (embodiment) begins at the 6th dimension (6-strand DNA activation) where our KUNDALINI CURRENTS of life force energies begin to flow through our body systems… but that is only the beginning!

We eventually activate 7D, 8D, 9D UNIVERSAL KUNDALINI currents that we pull down from the greater multiverse (OVERSOUL) that recode our HARA LINE which is our ZERO POINT where our SPINE / CENTRAL CHANNEL of our NERVOUS SYSTEM starts to unify all polarity within our reality as we embody our AVATAR LEVELS OF SELF (10D, 11D, 12D)! This is initial stages of becoming GOD SOURCE EMBODIED where the INFINITE divine unconditional love harmonizing force is activated within our own body fields! And we go beyond liquid light PLASMA too!

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