CONTINUED: Life falling apart? After you begin embodying higher aspects of YOU, your energy fields begins to break apart any lower programs and toxins within the body which is what ascension symptoms are all about! Your life will also change completely as those things and people in your life that cannot become compatible with your higher spin rate of your particles (frequency), everything has to level up otherwise it needs to go!

We tend to hold onto old jobs or relationships wayyy too long hoping to heal them or because we are afraid of the unknown… but that just makes everything harder as your energy continues to try to harmonize which creates havoc in your nervous system… issues sleeping, mental breakdowns, body exhaustion and more! Finally understand the craziness of the world and transformation happening inside your body + life >>>>>

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  1. Wow, I can say it hasn’t been easy thus far and I am alone in the process, I’ll definitely reach out for “Ascension Magic”
    Love & Gratitude for the group and all connected,

  2. Love it! I appreciate the message because something I’ve observed in the new age is the subliminal message of separation (you need to cleanse your Self of the old you) vs integrate all aspects of Self. It’s both the aversion and obsession with shadow work that stunts ascension and maintains guru/saviour/victim/trauma bonded programming. In my experience overly identifying with ‘trauma informed’ is just as limiting as ‘love + light’.

    1. @Nicole84 So true I spent a lot of my life identifying as the Wounded Healer too, that didn’t do anything but keep me in the purpetual loop of healing and never being done LOL… both polarities need to be in balance for sure so many hidden traps during our journey and I’ve experienced them all! LOL