Q&A —> Solar flash, Pole Shift, Earth dying, Aliens, Starseeds, etc.

I had a great question from a member on my site wanted to share it to help others:

QUESTION: “there is a lady named ——— she has been giving dates for the great solar flash for the last year now. Naturally when it didnt happen she always had a good reason as for why.

this last prediction is for before 2022 is over. so that would be within the next 24 hours.

she claims to be on the ascension team and has insider information.

She claims that when the flash hits we will be upgraded to the 5th dimension so that all of the starseeds who are of galactic origins will be able to go home, and all of the humans who are of the holy innocent type will need to go to new or blessed gaia, and we as starseeds will help and show them how to get there because this earth is dying and the pole shift will destroy this earth so that it may be terraformed to be inhabitated again.”


“Yeah I know who she is 🙂 I never like to point out specific people but she is definitely channeling false light beings which happens when people don’t do their shadow work and just connect with any being that shows up… that’s also why I’m always concerned when people use that quantum hypnosis QTTP or whatever it’s called to get information… that is not what it should ever be used for!

We have many (inter-dimensional) beings that are lined up wanting to distract and get people linked into their black hole matrix of the phantom realm because we are in the ascension cycle and this is their last chance before the phantom matrix gets closed to our organic timelines for good then they no longer have any QUANTUM FOOD to exist off of!

They want to create pole shift which is also what has happened to cause the floods and ice ages of the past stellar activation cycles, they want Earth because of it’s Universal STARGATES that it holds which are important to be able to move beyond our 15D time/spiral… unconscious beings that are finite essentially want to be “WANNABE GODS OF THE TIME SPIRAL” lol… but we don’t have to worry about that this time around we are in the crystal re-alignment mission back into alignment to the natural organic creation matrix (zero point) and have many HOST matrixes helping us so we don’t have pole shift… this is also why we have all the drama playing out in the world because competing negative types want to take over and initiate this “end of days” scenario. Everybody knows about the stellar activation (ASCENSION) happening right now except for humans because we have been disconnected from our history and connection to organic life creation.. “dumbed down” on purpose.

Also many of these negatives or lost beings from the phantom matrix are also trying to switch teams and be rehabilitated so that’s a lot of what my gridword projects are I’m psycho-pomping thousands of beings a day at this point it’s never ending! LOL.. We aren’t banishing evil to “HELL”, hell is here on Earth but it is caused from the reversed artificial matrix that needs to be healed…. this phantom matrix is held up by A.I. constructs, like 4D wormholes that repeat and recycle energy in patterns without allowing it be repattern itself into a higher system (no evolution), so that is also why we can think of the A.I. technologies that are spreading everywhere in the world as similar to unconsiousness… we need to be very discerning when it comes to A.I.

We can also think of this healing of the Phantom (reversed) matrix in simple terms as HEALING UNCONSCIOUS ASPECTS OF OURSELVES, as that is really what all of these “negative interdimensional aliens” are! Anything EVIL is simply an ignorant unconscious soul part of us that is existing in a perpetual closed loop cycle (parasitic)… we all have these lower traumas / wounds which make us UNCONSCIOUS, these beings are just like that, and just like a person that can choose to change their own life or ignorance and start making better choices these beings/parts of us that are existing in the phantom realm can also become healed and religned back into their organic alignment with God/Source/Infinity! (EVOLUTION)

This hijack of lightworkers and starseeds that are existing UNCONSCIOUSLY without evolving themselves and waiting for some “outside” being or event (solar flash) to save them is called the ANNUNAKI NEW AGE HIJACK… this is why we ALL NEED TO DO OUR SHADOW WORK, otherwise our shadow controls us! This is also a program we see everywhere in the world called the VICTIM / VICTIMIZER / SAVIOR program that most people are entrenched in… every pillar of our society tries to create this as well, it is the OPPOSITE OF SOVEREIGNTY!

I will do a youtube video about that soon just need to edit it they are piling up I need to hire an editor cause it takes me like 10 hours to post a youtube! LOL…. Great question siSTAR!”


  1. Yes, I know who that lady is who says she is part of the ascension team. Her December 2022 video is exactly the same as the December 2023 video, it you compare them. Saying the same thing will happen that month. When I noticed that, I found that interesting. The problem is that based on people’s comments, they were debating whether even to do their holiday plans since there was supposed to be that solar flash. All I can say is that whatever happens, whenever it does, it does not matter where you are or what you are doing. I also know other people who claim to channel regarding pole shift that 90% of the population will perish. I also know that a lot of people really believed this and relocated their lives to prepare. If it would be that bad I do not think anyone can predict what is safe or not. If you are meant to be here, you will. That is all.

  2. Your answer is absolutely brilliant and pretty much on point. There will be no cataclysmic pole shift gonna happen. Poles may eventually shift positions but the whole process is being looked after by the guardian alliance, the pole shift will not be a sudden event, or it will not create any disaster.

  3. im sure you have a course on walk ins…Im going to look for because Im thinking about how much I have changed these last 2 years that I dont even recognize myself.

  4. I’ve been a member of the community you are referring to in this post. I’ve also hosted communities that facilitate massive paradigm shifts. Discernment is vital and the comment threads will show you everything you need to know about the health of the community/space. Escapism is real and people will claim not to be of the 3D world, yet their words are deeply tethered to it. The information is understood, but not embodied because there is the illusion of a saviour. This is not to say I believe the person referred to in the post is posing as a saviour, just that I witnessed a level of escapism within the community that wasn’t being actively challenged in favour of ‘holding the light’.

    1. @Nicole84 Oh wow you have the insider knowledge! Thanks for your comment! I just get sooo many messages about people from instagram / youtube I don’t really follow what they say too much it seems to be a lot of the same thing, solar flash, et ships coming to save us, pole shift… the escapism is happening so much everywhere for sure! The journey isn’t easy we have to each do our inner work but many think the angels or guides will simply guide them to ascension when like you said we are all EACH 3D as well as many other aspects in higher dimensions, we can’t simply run from the physical world but we can purify ourselves enough to merge higher energy into our physical to align to our higher potential and embody our higher aspects. WE are the ones we have been waiting for! I’ve been in that victim/savior program too and it’s a hard one to break LOL… thanks Nicole! 💝🙏💎

  5. oh wow Roxane everything you say is making so much sense, because stuff warfare happening to me too.
    Roxane, can you tell us a bit about yourself, like how you know all of this, did you incarnate with your memories or did you have to remember, and what activated you? and all that stuff. I would love to hear your story.

    1. im actually writing down your post because there is so much in it I want to understand. how do you know what grid work you must do? how do you know these things?