SUPER RARE COSMIC EVENT won’t happen again until 2048! FULL MOON OCCULTATION OF MARS! Think of this as a resetting of our internal PRIMORDIAL WARRIOR ENERGIES WHERE YOU CAN BEGIN TO USE YOUR INNER FIRE & RAGE for the uplifting of humanity and not just destructively.. that irritation we have all been feeling needs to be reshaped and used to fuel our desire to serve others otherwise it can eat you alive, causing stress and disease in the body, ruin your relationships and your life. Meditate or let off stream today via exercise and consider what YOU can personally do to create better world, a new Earth instead of being a victim to outside forces. BE the change you want to see!!! ⭐⭐

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❤ Roxane

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  1. Great Roxanne, mars is the last planet where the experiment humanty had happened, these days it is so much in the air about the end of the valid date of the atlantean old prgramms. They started to play god 200.000 years ago after Lemuria with genetic modification and energetic manipulation of the human origin, which seems like a flash back these years and days, somedody wants to try it again. But if the atlantean high priest see this raw acting with chip implants, for them it seems like building the pyramid by hands and hammer, they could not stop to laugh…
    But this 200.000 period was in the human universe plan to experience duality, but this comes to an end NOW. It is time to take care of ourself in divine trinity and finding the true self with JOY and LOVE

    1. Ive been listening to the A’an the tablets of thoth, and it says that they sunk atlantis, Im going to listen to it again tonight, its easy to miss some of the story. but my biological mother said to me once, “in atlantis we could fly. It was so good and easy to live.” my mom died depressed and an alcoholic. I never put that together until now.
      Its crazy the stuff that is coming to light, this world we are in right now is going to get hard i think, otherwise why would we all be here now?