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  1. I have a O negative blood type being 15% of the world but they dont know where it actually come from maybe Annunaki said I carfied ET bloodline,well we all fo but how can we know who ? We are .I so yearn to know my purpose here Im vonstantly learning seeking I ve slwsys been fasinated with Eygpt,Etc…love it. Can you guide me even medical I worked for ortho surgeons and absorbed termenology like a sponge.If Im asking too much Im sorry Im a Sagitarius and ,I love learning

    1. Hi @Jean !!! Great questions, I’m the same way I needed to know everything LOL the good thing is, is that eventually spirit guides you and you no longer need outside answers you get the answers to anything straight from source and then eventually BECOME source and just have that knowingness from within about pretty much anything lol
      I’m Rh negative blood also… interesting you said that because when we have – blood we are actually NOT annunaki or hybrid, we have the pure Angellic human 12+ strand DNA potential… I say potential because not everybody actualizes it by getting healthy and healing/merging the shadow, and increasing their frequency quotient of light that their body can hold… Rh- blood can be 12, 24, 48 strand DNA… the Rh+ blood actually has extra proteins added to the blood which makes it a bit denser, and all of this density is actually creating more filters and miasmas / dis-ease patterning in the DNA that the person needs to clear… more work! So it makes these people harder to “wake up” and ascend as they have more layers to peal back… hence the separation going on in the world…. I should maybe do a video about it sometime! 💖✨

      1. thank you so much..yes you being 0 neg is kool..Wow! You know so much.I through my life never really understood alot about some of the neg things taught about Christ.But since I learned the truth.(I am glad to know he wasnt the punishing God that was taught)..I am thankfjl I was awakened just by chance saw something and started digging.16 mo To be exact.I thought it was 1 yr..Please do a video on the RH.Found one girl but didnt feel comfortable with following her.When we are awakened we need people to follow to help answer questions You truly are calming to me.I first found you by asking will I be left behind in 3D. And boom there you have symptoms Easter I sat sun gazing breathing and I felt pumped up My body humming vibs felt and still do at peace no negitive things.Finding it easier to not think it.I feel humbled that I was chosen to wake up at this time.I feel that there is greatness for me to do gor humanity but dont know what.I think I will join your class.I am like a sponge I wanna abdorb it all.My husband is not awoke,in begining I spoke about it,and he felt I was following an occult So ,I stopped saying anything.So I sit and listen to all I can.I dont know ifvyour suppose to get messages when you meditate?? I can clear my mind but I dont see or hear anything.Do you meditate to source? or just meditate?.I will stop here cause When I found you !(someone to talk to)..I went at it.Much love sweet soul.Thank you for bring you.

  2. hi I am new and love,love!,love your teachings.You explain very well .Im wanting to know from you about a deeper understanding of shadows I am a baby of about 1 yr in this I dont see the things you see I meditate and keep get to silence my mind I wake up always 2-5 and after after meditating I feel light inside I am at peace totally but is there something Im missing Ive had symptoms headaches jaw pain pain in nape of neck to shoulder!,etc. but no dream memories etc.ease let me know am I misding something.You are a sweet soul and very pleasant calming voice and in your teachings.I hope its ok to ask .

      1. I do…I listen to alot.I sonetimes have a hard time comprehending about dark night of the soul how does it come about? I can you bring it forward? I have beaten the news thing dontcwatch I spend alot of time on video.Love yours.