Spiritual Meaning of WEATHER

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Have you ever experienced a CLEANSING CRISIS while doing a detox, fast, or cleanse?? The EARTH is feeling just that!! After intense photonic light frequencies incoming for so many months now along with many other rare astrological alignments and cosmic events (see previous posts for more)…. These SHIFTS are beginning to take place!

So much adjustment needing to take place in the Earth grids, collective consciousness realms, and our individual energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral, etheric, etc)… These changes are culminating RIGHT NOW!!!

We are changing at the atomic level, healing and merging with our shadow aspects that have been fractalled from the original blueprint of our soul for eons…, building our LIGHTBODY, activating multiple STRANDS of DNA beyond the double helix… NOW, our macrocosmic realms (EARTH, solar system, galaxy, etc) also have to shift to match!

Everything is a mirror: as above, so below.

The Weather is linked to the ebs and flows in the atmosphere, solar activity, ley lines and grids of the earth (both organic/crystalline and inorganic/ “AI” generated via the many satellites, WIFI, and phone towers creating false grids), etc. The weather is also HIGHLY-INFLUENCED by the immense power that each human’s (electrical) mind & (magnetic) consciousness fields, all affecting the environment & world around us!

My feeling is that most of the “climate change” that’s been going on for many years now is due to THE EARTH’s SHIFT into higher fields of plasma (ASCENSION)… EARTH is literally becoming PLASMA! And plasma is REALLY HOT! 😎 As we learn to balance our internal forces, the Earth’s surface should begin to balance out as well. Love and prayers to you all going through emergency situations right now. 💖 Roxane

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  1. Roxane as of mid 2020 I began to notice that I can change the local weather on command: too cold and cloudy … make the sun come out in 10 minutes; too hot … bring in the clouds to cool it down; can even make it rain or snow. Is this a sign of having reached a state of higher consciousness in ascension as embodiment with the consciousness of nature/weather?

    1. @Julie WOW exciting! Yes I found myself that if I’m dingy that I can really bring in the clouds lol but if my energy pillar is aligned I can make the sun come out instantly. I will be posting lots of these pics and videos to show you guys I have so many LOL… It’s been happening for me since about 2014 that I noticed, but back then I was really in the duality so I was angry and irritated and would bring in these HUGE SOLID walls of haze like a black storm LOL… The more they covered the sun the more pissed off I got cause I love my sun LOL!
      Yes embodiment, you are synthesizing your spiritual energy into physical so the physical is no longer “physical” and instead becomes a shapeshifting plasma. It’s the etheric stage of embodiment of pure quantum plasma lightbody. Will talk about that in probably week 5 or so 🙂