VIDEO: 2222 ASCENSION PORTAL – February 1st to 28th… ONCE in a lifetime!

2222 ascension portal

NEED HELP navigating these crazy + chaotic times of transformation in the world, and INSIDE YOU? Please join us in the Premium Group… we are going deep into how to GET INTO THE FLOW of your consciousness stream to manifest and become the life stream that you want to life your purpose and mission on Earth! Exciting times awakening souls!

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  1. Great video Rox! I can feel things happening this month! In the middle of getting my shop ready 😁 and having some stuff come up for sure! Felt anxiety the last few days for the first time in a while. Sat with it, told it “you are welcome here”. Amazing what a difference that makes. Pushing it away only makes it bigger!

    1. oooh now I have a feeling I’m going to be jealous of you lol! You’re opening your own shop? Starting your own business? That is SOOOOO AWESOME! You’re very quickly becoming one of my new heros 😛

  2. This is so on point with what I’m going through. I work for an industry that values money over people. I recently had a big blow up at work the result of which an email was sent to everyone from one of the workers stating that I was a bully. It came about because we had the only service that could help a woman in an emergency situation, so of course I just did everything I could to make it happen, while none of the workers wanted to do the job, and when it FINALLY did happen I was being yelled at about “WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THE CLEANING?” to which my response was “WHERE IS YOUR HUMANITY???? WHAT IF THIS WAS YOUR MOTHER???”
    I’m also having to deal with extreme duality of not getting vaccinated, while I’m the only one who can maintain the register of vaccinations and am having to send out reminders that their vaccines are out of date. I have been procrastinating on this recently, because I can’t in all conscious do it without speaking my truth. I feel sick in the stomach because I am going to have to tell my boss that either I first send an email from me with informative links to what their actually sticking into their bodies, or I’m not going to be able to do this job anymore.
    I’m trying to get my own business started in the hopes that I can get myself free of the masculine driven industry that I’m in, and one that is more in tune with my purpose (whatever that is? Every time I think I work out why I’m here, it changes) (new projects)
    I’m definitely signing up this month Roxanne, and I apologise in advance… I’m in desperate need of spiritual guidance and you’re nailing it, and your lessons look as though they may have answers I’ve been looking for!

    1. I feel you, I was working in a pharmacy. I had to leave eventually because I felt so out of place. I didn’t want to be involved in the vaccine administration. That’s tough having to remind people to get their boosters. I would procrastinate that too. Something new is coming for you!