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  1. What a great video. I was actually wondering about the concept of nesara/gesara which seems to be the current topic related to the new systems and should provide basic universal income so people are able to focus on their passions in life. People would have the energy for that. Then I thought if that happened then businesses would raise the prices for food, rent, and everything ?

    1. It would take a bit of adjustment. I have alot of similiar questions. Some say it may not have the basic income included. But the debt elimination will happen and income tax removed. If there is basic income which covered bare minimums it would really help everyone especially those who need it most but maybe not wipe people wanting to work. So the economy wouldn’t collapse as we all readjust. Lots of concepts to toss around with this for sure. If we keep raising consciousness people will want less and less material. If we go back to building things to last forever instead of breaking that would be a giant positive on all fronts. 🤔

      1. Yes, you are exactly correct regarding building things that last. Like for example real furniture made by real people, not large corporations with cheap machine made items that are designed to not last and end up in the trash. Real craftmanship can be once again be admired, and all handmade items which many people would love to create. Those items carry a different energy than machine made items.

          1. @Seriph @StarSparkle  Yes you both are so right… we are moving into QUALITY over quantity where the energy will be the most important, so local farmed goods + handmade products along with decentralized free energy too so we won’t have to spend so much darn money anyways on everything… 🤣  Following our passions will make us shine to help others shine too!  I talked about a few of these things on a previous video I think it was called “The Shift is coming” check that out for more I didn’t go into too much on this one  🌺