VIDEO: HUGE KUNDALINI + LIGHTBODY ACTIVATIONS underway now! Signs + Symptoms of Kundalini

kundalini lightbody activation

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  1. Great vid, really wish I had some guidance on this when it opened up in me. Best advice, you are not in control, it has its own movement/force/agenda & the pain or difficulty you encounter is in equal proportion to your own resistance to it. It is the best teacher and paradoxically, is you. No mind is most helpful & will ‘accelerate’ the process. Totally agree with grasping to logic, makes this a very painful process. 

    1. That’s exactly right! Yes it’s our resistance that blocks the circuit and creates the suffering… I know this myself as I did it for years LOL… wish we had more people helping us back then hey LOL there wasn’t any youtube videos or anything I just figured it out myself through trial and error it was real fun almost dying haha …and yes the no mind is perfect I call it the zero point, where we are in that complete stillness and all time stops because we are in the anti-matter/matter merge point 🙂

      1. Thanks Roxane, it helps me understand my own process to hear you describe yours. Lots of connections happening, I really appreciate it. And yes, the constant feeling of death/heart vibrating to infinity, not knowing what was going on, not a good time lol. If I went to the doctor with this stuff I would have been put on some heavy medications no doubt. It’s good to give people a space to go mad without going crazy 🤪😭🤣

  2. You mention people may be feeling problems with gravity/spinning… A couple of times in the last few years but not recently, I could have sworn I felt the earth rotating in its orbit, is that the same sort of thing?

    1. @Tink  yes but that is your own lightbody magnetic field spins you are feeling!  You are essentially being unlocked from the forces of the 3D earth and becoming a cosmic citizen!