VIDEO: WORLD CATASTROPHE or Divine 5D Plan? What will happen 2022 is EARTH headed for disaster?

world emergency or divine plan

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  1. And all scattered soul parts from every lifetime and incarnation are available for every human being to get back these days…

  2. thank you for the video and for your time. Much love, light and peace, i am glad to hear about the old civilizations getting lifted.

  3. Divine plan, there will be a lot of truth coming these days, 2-6th March it is very cosmic. The catastrophe timeline is no more available. I told this in November, that deep state has two jokercards to play out before they fall down, Russia war or false flag alien invasion. maybe they play both or the universe, earth and sun is stopping them before…💎🌈🌎

    1. Yes… why not both? eg: “BE AFRAID THE WORLD IS AT WAR”… “OH NO… BE MORE AFRAID, THE WORLD IS BEING INVADED BY ALIENS… we should end all wars and work together for the GREATER GOOD” BAM global government! BUT… I believe they are running scared right now… that’s why they’re pulling out all the stops! The harder they fight, the more I smile because I know we’re winning without raising a finger against them!