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  • Lorraine

    December 17, 2021 at 11:29 am

    Hi on this Judgement video – does that also mean how when i for example see someone driving their car alone with a mask on i shouldnt get aggravated or when i’m hearing some BS on the radio or tv about some new ‘variant’ this or that..because i find that i have alot of anger inside. alot of resentments on ‘authority’ that i had definately from childhood but maybe from way before that also. Also, i work as a dispatcher for an equpment company and this job is no longer for me, it never was from the beginning but i needed a job to pay bills/rent etc and now 5 years later i’m still here and its absolutely crushing me. the negativity is real the anger the calls i get from customers..people lately are the rudest, impatient people ever. and i dont want to do this anymore and i dont know what to do. i hate being in an office always did but it was stable steady work. anyway just thinking how much resentment i feel inside on some days here and i would love to just quit today and put in my notice..

    thanks for listening and also your insight on this would be great, thank youūüė∂