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    March 30, 2022 at 11:30 am

    Wonderful video here siSTAR!! I had shivers when you were talking about the dreams of the under ground bunkers etc. When I was a child I had night terrors of haunted places and houses and in my dreams I would go there and I would see children and people trapped by “evil” demons or abusers and I would hide them from the evil. I kept going back to these same places in my dreams and the fear would over power me and I would hide the people. Then when I was 10 yrs old my friend and I went to see the movie “Labyrinth”, the one with David Bowie and in the movie the character is in a dream like place where everything seemed like it was her real room and belongings but it was just a fake place to try to trick her and when she realized that, she shattered the illusion by saying, “this is not my room, these are not my things and you have no power over me ” and she remember why she was in the Labyrinth was to save her baby brother that was stolen and the false room crumbled and she was back on her mission. After that movie/reality connection, I would go in to these dream worlds and stand up to the evil by confronting it and using my energy to expose it as weak and saying in my dreams ” you have no power over me and you will release these people immediately!!” Then the people would leave the places or the houses and walk in to the light. The dreams changed through the yrs to under ground bases, gas masked men etc. etc. and I would use my Plasma energy to become invisible and free the people or sometimes I show up and use my Plasma energy to send the dark ones back to source. I had dream worlds of being a winged creature and flying up and grabbing the dark winged creatures and doing battles or destroying them by going into a free fall and letting go and they hit the ground and I fly off to the next one. I am constantly traveling so once in a while in new places these dreams will come up but now a days I dream of very bright, incredibly beautiful places with new rainbow animals and colorful creatures. Very peaceful and relaxing. I was in Tucson Arizona for the Gem and Mineral Faire last month and my dreams were fabulous and exciting. The gems and minerals activate and excite me like a child in a candy shop. While I was there I was dreaming of an ocean with a bunch of rainbow fish and we were all playing together etc. My son and I are very connected and he loves to hear my dreams so I told him of this. After I got home, my son sent me a link of a new rainbow fish that was newly discovered in the Maldives island. Here is the link. Thanks for everything you do and the first time we chatted on here I felt you checking me out as I was checking you out psychically as well. 😉 You can channel me anytime, I carry no jealousy etc. I actually love and invite anyone on that level to communicate with me. It is way better then communicating on these channels. Thanks again!!! You are AMAZING!!! Great job with everything you are doing. ~Love and Blessings~