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  1. I am new to meditation and your video mentioned kundalini and that it has something to do with the spine. During a guided session, I was asked to chose an atom in my body and feel my way in and out of it. Then I was asked to speed this up and it started to resonate (like sound). I could feel my heart and third eye syncing up as I focused on speeding it up. Then what started as a chill, turned into each vertebrae of my spine lighting up right to left travelling downwards. I remember thinking cool… and because I’m a noob, it distracted me and I lost it. Wanted to share this as it might help someone else. Don’t overthink and follow your instincts.

    1. Wow that is an amazing description… definitely kundalini and for sure when we get into the mind it usually goes away LOL thanks for sharing Donald you aren’t as much as a newbie as you might think! 😅

  2. @Roxane I believe I’ve had 2 kundalini awakening events both during typical meditation. Embarrassing to say but rather like an orgasm of energy rushing over my body. Wasn’t trying for that, didn’t even know at the time what kundalini was. I’ve had a lot of what I thought was anxiety now I’m thinking it’s high amounts of energy instead. I’m new to all this so looking for advice on what I should be doing day to day. I exercise and use a grounding mat. Any other advice for keeping the energy in check/manageable?

    1. Yes it can definitely feel like an orgasm because energy is rushing through the centre of the brain which is exactly like an orgasm and why so many people are obsessed with sex… they want this energy but haven’t done the required clearing of their blockages to sustain this blissful feeling so search outside of themselves lol… I sent you a few messages to your instagram message as I noticed it there first 🙂

    1. You are also welcome Lorraine yeah remember that a lot of the information is light encoded so your brain doesn’t have to figure it all out to receive! lol