WATCH VIDEO ABOVE… INDIGOS, STARSEEDS, PLANETARY LIGHTWORKERS, EMPATHS and all who are on the spiritual path of self healing are literally anchoring in NEW EARTH into this realm for others! You, the INDIVIDUAL ARE SO POWERFUL THAT YOU COUNTERACT MILLIONS THAT ARE SUFFERING! I see this literally every day how my energy affects others around me, not to mention the millions of other things we do such as planetary grid work and gatekeeping, sharing your gifts as an artist to shine your light in the world, and so much more! Watch my video called LIGHTWORKER ROLES to find out what you do every day without even realizing it! Search for any video topics and browse through categories on my VIDEOS page.

Love, Roxy

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  1. One human being can shift the quantumfield for all mankind, as Buddha, Jesus, you, me, everybody, it is a matter of imagination. Fear is a manmade illusion from Atlantis, prosperity, freedom and LOVE is the origin birthright for every living creature.