You are “GOD” to your BODY! Listen to it!

healing the body

Your body will do anything you tell it to… which means that it will literally KILL ITSELF to ensure that YOUR FREE WILL is protected! Your body is ALWAYS SERVING YOU! We are all programmed to HATE ourselves, especially to hate the look of our own body. We obsess about our looks, always trying to control our body with diet, excessive exercise, burning the candle at both ends without enough sleep, keeping up with society’s “HUSTLE”.

When our body isn’t doing exactly what we want, we get pissed off at it, instead of loving and honouring it when it needs to just BE, rest or sleep. When it tells us what it needs, we don’t listen… which is why the world is in such a state of DIS-EASE + illness, simply because we are OUT OF BALANCE. Our inner state DICTATES our outer state!

Our body is an entire MICROCOSM, an entire WORLD is INSIDE YOU! That is how AMAZING YOU ARE!!!

If you aren’t feeling connected, it’s because you are not connected to your body. If your emotions are out of control, it’s because we have stuck trauma and “emotion” (energy in motion) stuck inside our cells. Remember that your cells contain INFORMATION/LIGHT/CODES that remember every single thing that has ever happened to your soul throughout many lifetimes, including all the memories of the UNIVERSE, all inside your DNA! GOD/SOURCE/CREATOR literally exists INSIDE EVERY CELL OF OUR BODY! The divine is flowing through us, WE ARE SACRED.

If you have “ANTS” (automatic negative thoughts), it is always because of the trauma that is inside your body… your mind is simply making you aware that those energies exist in you so that YOU can release + heal them! Such an amazing design isn’t it, BILLIONS OF YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE + EVOLUTION IS INSIDE YOU! Our outer world is always telling us exactly what we need to know, otherwise we wouldn’t know something is hidden there.. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Most people don’t know what foods to eat, or how to take care of our health because we have been indoctrinated into a system where we are told to run to the doctor or grab that magic pill or ice cream pale every time we aren’t feeling “good”. Most of us live in a state of permanent STRESS 24/7, always feeling that you are one tiny thing away from a melt-down… I’ve been there for most of my life! FIGHT OR FLIGHT creates a state of dis-ease in the body, making it feel that it needs to be “on guard” 24/7, looking for the next thing to fight off. This is the cause of 99.9% of diseases.

NOW, the good thing, is that YOU have the ability to show your body it can feel safe, relaxed, and calm! It just takes some practice. So next time you find yourself being critical of your body, catch yourself! And replace those thoughts and words with positive ones. YOU are GOD TO YOUR BODY! Listen to it + turn your life around!

If you would like to learn more about HEALING, TRAUMA, SHADOW-WORK,

DECEMBER’s MONTH IS ALL ABOUT HEALING!!! I will be posting another method tonight about how to CLEAN OUT OUR “INNER HOUSE” which is the BACKLOG of stuff that we have yet to process, to make room for the NEW to come into our life! Similar to a computer with too many programs running in the background, LIFE CHANGING!

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  1. I’ve been having this weird intrusive thought for weeks now whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking. I focus on how sharp my knife is and how it would feel cutting into hand! I’ve been giving myself a mental slap and “wtf” face, LOL. But now I’m realizing that this mightve been something that actually happened at some point in my souls history! How do I heal it?