You won’t believe what REALITY really is!

visible light spectrum

All of these energies are ALIVE conscious beings… Not just a sine wave, but a beautiful geometry pattern of the divine expression of source/creator! The PHYSICAL is only the DEFAULT reality or world that we see! Our consciousness gathers all different types of codes from many dimensions, but the senses of our body are only TUNED to pick up on a very limited range of FREQUENCIES to ensure that we survive! Just like a radio station. Our eyes only pick up on a tiny fraction (visible light spectrum) of all the INFORMATION / CODES / CONSCIOUSNESS that is out there!

Because we are in a 3D field, the 3D is VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR SURVIVAL! We need to ensure we don’t fall off a cliff or get hit by a car… so the physical is very APPARENT to us, but there is so much more going on behind the veil that we can become sensitive to that will give our lives excitement, bliss, and meaning! That is the process of ASCENSION! 😍

Not only that, we can also EMBODY these higher frequencies / dimensional plasma fields and BECOME these higher dimensions IN A HUMAN BODY! Nothing is harder but the results are so magical and unbelievable! Becoming a fully SOVEREIGN divine being is a process that takes work, so it’s nice to know all the steps to make this happen in your own life! If this resonates with you, sign up for my “StarGate Ascension + Alchemy” course… approximately 50 BRAND NEW VIDEOS with detailed concepts well beyond my youtube videos.

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