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  • Eishuiyea

    December 11, 2022 at 10:44 am

    finally!! I cannot find the comments area when Im on my laptop, on my phone yes, but not on my computer, so I joined your website, thank you btw for having this platform, and now I can comment on the things youve been saying lately as I have been going thru a lot of the stuff you have been talking about. Ive been bouncing around joining patreon people, but its like the universe just bounces me out as fast as I find them. Ive been going thru the dark night of the soul so to speak lately, Ive been having temper tantrums yelling at my angels and guides. but now as of today, and I literally am different from day to day, I woke up today and it says it sunday but I know that last night before I lay down to sleep I looked at the day and it was friday. and that intense sadness and grinding feeling that I was having that this is never going to end, Im going to be stuck here in “hell with my narcissist forever” that haze is starting to lift. my situation hasnt changed, Im still stuck here but the feelings that heavy muck has lifted. And its raining! the rain always makes me feel better. oh and you just mentioned in your last video that I caught that you want to move. Ive been feeling the same way. Im waiting on a legal settlement for the last 3 long years, and Ive been feeling like I need to go to the painted desert in arizona, or sedona arizona. Ive also been remembering native american connections, so I think there is some link.

    anyway when you mentioned that in your video I thought oh my gosh we are going thru a lot of the same things!!

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