222222 PORTAL – “Pressure Cooker Energies” + Diamond Lightbody + Astral Realm clearing!

ENERGY UPDATE: Use every tool in your spiritual tool box today with the amount of clearing going on in the fields! Yesterday I thought we were in the clear finally had a calmer day but last night got hit once again with a huge “psychic attack”, which is normal for me as I’m always clearing for the collective, but who else needs a friggin break??? 😄 Many people think these darker energies simply disappear on their own with solar flares etc…, but it’s us gridworkers and gatekeepers on ground working constantly day in and day out making way for others to have an easier journey! Nobody will be left behind!

The EASY WAY IS TO STAY IN THE HIGHEST HAPPIEST ENERGIES POSSIBLE TODAY, but many clear for our families and neighbors that are going through hell right now and are in our energy fields. You don’t need to know anything about this ascension process that is well underway at this time on the planet, WE ARE ALL GOING THOUGH IT!
Don’t navigate blindly! Get many spiritual tools and learn what is really going on in the world, your life and body in my course ASCENSION MAGIC! 💎 Link in BIO 💎

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